What’s in Mom’s Bag?

Hi KIDBOX fam! My name is Marcy and I’m a mom living in New York City. Things get pretty crazy running from place to place, so I make sure my bag is full of necessities.


Let’s be real, as much as we think our phones are for communicating with family and friends we really only use them so our kids can watch their favorite shows.

Portable Charger and Headphones

Definitely needed for when the battery is below 10% and your child requests to listen to Baby Shark another 10 times.

Makeup Bag

I need to freshen up during the day, especially after running after the kids. We’re always in need of hair ties, hand sanitizer, and chapstick while we’re on the go.

Healthy Snacks

Ziplock bags full of their favorite treats, fruit/vegetable squeeze pouches, and wholegrain bars are super easy, energy boosting, and perfect for kids on the go.

Toys/Coloring Book

A few small toys are always great to carry around to keep kids entertained when commuting or waiting at the doctor’s office.

Wet Wipes

Wet wipes are a must! From wiping Cheeto fingers and sweaty faces after the playground, wet wipes keep kids clean and help protect against the spread of germs.


Let’s face it, cuts and scrapes are inevitable. Keeping Disney or Action-Hero themed band-aids on hand is essential to keep cuts clean and kids strong.

Stain Remover:

This is one is for the parents! A stain remover, wipes or pen, is a must to take little accidents out of your favorite shirt.

Diapers/ Extra Clothing:

Accidents happen! Packing extra diapers and at least 1 additional outfit will come in handy and keep outings low stress.


Google calendar is not my style. My planner is a necessity for arranging playdates, planning brunch with friends or scheduling a much-needed family vacation.

Water Bottle:

Staying hydrated is super important, especially now that we’re headed into the hot summer months. We make sure to fill them up before we leave the house to cut back on single-use plastics.

Sunglasses & Sunscreen

A must for a trip to the zoo or walk in Central Park. These are essential when we’re planning on being outside all day.


I need it to get rid of headaches incurred when I’m a room full of screaming children or on a stalled subway.


Parents need a snack too! Taking time to enjoy a piece of decadent chocolate will ensure a few seconds of bliss before tapping back into the real world.


Catch up on the latest best sellers while the kids are at baseball practice or a playdate. I think it sets a good example with the kids for us to read together when we’re on the go.