Upcycle Your KIDBOX

Your KIDBOX goes a long way after the kids have enjoyed the outfits inside. A cardboard box can be turned into super projects. Grab some arts and craft supplies lying around – crayons, markers, paints, glue sticks, scrap coloured paper, stickers, coloured tissue – and let the kids run with their imagination:

A vehicle and a stoplight
Let your KIDBOX be the ‘body’ for the vehicle, be it a truck, car or an ambulance! Add wheels from scrap cardboard or construction paper, along with windows, bumpers and a custom license plate. Make it the colour of your choice. Cut up kitchen towel rolls for a neat stop light and your vehicle is ready to GET, SET, GO.

Phones and calculators
These can be made in a jiffy and will provide hours of fun for toddlers and young kids who love to play with grownup stuff. The best part about these is that they need little grownup intervention to make! Get creative with adding phone buttons by using pom poms, magnets, googly eyes or actual buttons! Older kids can make time machines for more complex roleplay.

Piggy bank
Draw a pig face (or any animal you like) on the top of your box and colour it in. Cut an opening wide enough for coins and bills to fit through and voila! your very own homemade piggy bank is ready. A great way to get creative and teach the kids about saving.

Handy Desk
A handy desk or tray is pretty simple to cut out of your sturdy KIDBOX! It’s perfect for homework, colouring or even snacking. The best part is that it’s unique and custom made by your own child.

board game

Board games
Your KIDBOX can be magically transformed into a chess board or a fun board game of snakes and ladders. What can be better than playing a board game that your child created!

Train tunnel
Stand the box upright and draw small tunnels on each side of the box. Cut them out and draw mountains and rocks on the rest of the box for a more natural effect. Get a bunch of mini trains and cars to pass through the tunnels.

A dollhouse, playhouse or coffee shop
This one needs a bit more work but it’s easy once you have a ‘design’ in mind. A two-dimensional house can simply be drawn on the cardboard and propped against a wall. For a three dimensional one, there are tons of videos available online to assist you.