Ultimate Slumber Party Guide

Slumber parties aka sleepovers are one of the best ways to seal friendships, deepen bonds and make memories. Besides, they can be low key and still be talked about for years. It doesn’t take a lot to organize a slumber party, just oodles of energy and a willingness to greet a bunch of bleary-eyed children in the morning. Get to know the parents of your kids’ best friends and then invite the littles over to spend the night.

Here are some ideas to help you help your kids make the best of the night:

Camping at Home
Who needs a campground when there’s imagination to take care of it? Give the kids a bunch of sheets, pillows and some clothespins to build a ‘tent’ that they can crash in when they’re finally willing to hit the sack. Bonus: The kids will keep busy trying to erect a tent and will also feel accomplished that they slept in something they created.

Invite a Stuffy
Sleepovers sound very exciting but as the night sets in, kids may start missing the familiarity of their own home. When you invite your kids’ friends, also invite their favorite stuffed toy that they perhaps cuddle with at night. That way you’re taking care of nighttime jitters. Make it a theme by letting friends have a tea party with stuffed toys before bedtime.

Cupcake Nights
Set aside a bunch of homemade cupcakes that all the kids can decorate and eat. They have a fun activity to do and dessert gets taken care of! If you want to keep it easier, just buy cupcake decorating kits and you’re done.

Puppet Show
Set aside a large cardboard box and some handheld puppets (or you can have them make their own with paper and wooden sticks) for a puppet show night. Kids can make their own tickets to ‘sell’ to the grownups in the house. Let them get adventurous while you finish the nightly chores in peace.

Dress-up Parade
Gather up all the Halloween costumes from previous years and put them in a box for a dress-up parade around the house. Better still, invite kids to come in a costume and bring their PJs to change into later. You’ll likely have a ton of photos to share with the other parents.

Face Painting
If you’re one of those parents who likes to be super involved in slumber parties, and have an artistic streak, get some non-toxic face paint and have the kids line up for their face masks. Just don’t forget to ask for permission from the other parents beforehand.