10 Tips From Busy Moms For Keeping Kids Stylish

Nowadays, with everything that has to be done, a Mom’s day seems to get shorter and shorter. It’s important to find easy and fun ways to keep your kids thriving. One thing that will help your kids feel good about themselves are stylish clothes. But how does a busy Mom keep her kids’ wardrobes trendy without breaking the bank or taking too much time out of her day? Here are ten helpful tips to make your kids look stylish – and keep Mom from going crazy!

1.    Comfort Is Key

Making sure your kids are comfortable in their clothes can be challenging, but it is essential to keeping clothing from getting thrown in the back of the closet. When a child isn’t distracted by ill-fitting, pinching, binding, or itchy clothes, they will have less trouble focusing in school. When trying clothes on, make sure to have your child move, bend, and run in place. Taking a few minutes to do this can make all the difference.

2.    The Clothes Make the Man

When picking out outfits for your children, make sure that they match their personality. Whether they are sporty and active or more of a quiet bookworm, getting clothes that reflect who your kids are can help them be more comfortable and at ease.

3.    Try It Before You Buy It

This goes hand in hand with making sure your child is comfortable. Nothing is more irritating than clothes that don’t fit or just look strange on your kid. It’s always wise to try everything on, even if it’s the same brand. You never know when something is going to be a little off.

4.    Embrace Wash and Wear

As cute and trendy as some articles of clothing are, it’s not always wise to invest in something that is hard to maintain and clean. Putting an active child in clothes that are ‘dry-clean-only’ isn’t the best way to let kids be kids. Opting for comfortable wash and wear fabrics is always a solid bet that makes keeping our kids clean cheaper and less stressful.

5.    Follow the Hottest Trends

If you really want to keep up with the latest trends in kids fashion, the internet is a reliable place to look. Websites for fashion magazines are easy to reference, and some even have apps for your phone. Pinterest is chock-full of pages dedicated to Moms who want to keep up with fashion trends for themselves and their kids.

6.    Styles that Last

Most trends come and go, but some clothing items never go out of style. Things like denim are a safe choice; no matter what decade and generation you belong to, a solid pair of jeans will always be stylish.

7.    Overindulgence Is Unnecessary

As a parent, it’s easy to overdo it when trying to keep up with style trends. But keep in mind that your kids will outgrow things quickly. Overindulging is not just a costly mistake – research has shown that it can actually harm your kids.

8.    Waste Not Want Not

Keeping in mind how quickly our kids outgrow things, if they don’t have a sibling to hand them down to, there is a way to refrain from throwing away perfectly good clothes. Secondhand and consignment stores are always an excellent way to resell clothes and put a little of that cash back into your kid’s style budget. A clothing exchange can also be set up with other parents that are in the same boat.

9 & 10. Convenience and Affordability

Clumping these two together just seems natural, especially when technology and the subscription box trend has produced a company like Kidbox. With a few clicks of the mouse and a couple of questions answered, you can have affordable, name-brand, top quality children’s clothing delivered seasonally to your home. Keep what you want, return what you don’t want, and try everything on in your own home while you decide. It’s the answer to every busy, budget-conscious, stylish Mom’s prayer.