The (Little) Big Bedtime Questions

Bedtime is a time of utmost urgency for kids. It’s that time of night when they feel the thirstiest, the clingiest and are fired up by a burning sense of curiosity. So a routine that you hoped to accomplish in 20 minutes takes two hours or more. But, as they say, they are kids only for so long. If you’ve been rattled by some of these questions that kids ask at bedtime, we don’t have all the answers but we can tell you that you’re not alone.

The Super Brainy ones:
How many stars are in the sky?
What is the meaning of the word politics?
How much does the Earth weigh?
What is 69 times 523?
How many fish are in the ocean?

The Cute ones:
Can Peppa Pig come and live with us?
Why can’t I see my eyes?
Is Dr. Seuss a real doctor?
Why aren’t vegetables tasty?
Is your name Mommy?

The Deep Ones:
Where does the universe end?
Why is the sun called the sun?
You said Grandma is in heaven but where exactly in heaven?
Why does God make some people and some animals?
Why do you need money to buy things?