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There’s no denying that screens are ubiquitous. Some reports say that the average child spends seven hours per day  in front of a screen. It can be difficult to watch kids spend several straight hours mindlessly slicing watermelons with their fingers while playing Fruit Ninja or collapsing virtual stacks of candy while playing Candy Crush. So what if there was a form of digital media that managed to encourage playful fun while also providing cognitive, social, and emotional benefits? Enter Me-j: a brand using music as a medium to do just that.

They say that “play is a child’s work.” Well, Me-j’s philosophy highlights the power of play combined with music as a tool for the development and enjoyment of children everywhere. While interacting with Me-j, using its website and application, kids and their families do not merely experience music as passive listeners; they engage their minds, bodies, and creative spirits. The platform provides an outlet through which kids can compose and perform original music, either on their own or in collaboration with friends and family.

Through its interactive web application called the “studio,” Me-j reimagines children’s relationships with music, offering its young users the chance to approach their everyday life through a musical lens. In the Me-j studio, kids create compositions by combining conventional instrumental sounds with everyday sounds not usually associated with music.  With Me-j, kids take inspiration from their own world, incorporating sounds such as a cat scratching, birds tweeting, and even the snap-pop opening of a soda can. By using their own sound repertoires and the sound snippets already provided, kids learn about the basics of music, including pitch, melody, and rhythm. With this foundation, kids will use Me-j as they continue their journey of music education.

Geared toward anyone who wants to learn more about the ways we can engage with music and the benefits of doing so, the Me-j website is filled with curated and original content, including everything from music product reviews to demos created by the Me-j  team. So while the studio encourages kids to tap into their creative side, the website provides insight on how kids can maintain this mindset when they are not directly playing in the Me-j studio.

Me-j was founded by Stephen Dabah, and is currently engineered by Peter Torpey, a Ph.D. graduate from the M.I.T. Media Lab. Henry Weil, senior lecturer at the M.I.T. Sloan School of Business, leads as Me-j’s business strategist, while Tod Machover, a professor of music and media at the Media Lab, serves as advisor for design and development of the Me-j platform.  Together, Me-j’s highly experienced team of music-lovers are dedicated to making Me-j a space for kids to access their creative potential and reap the benefits that music provides.  

By encouraging active listening, or multi-sensorial engagement with music, Me-j is changing the way kids interact with music, and in turn, how they interact with the world. Me-j ‘s mission is to let kids’ imaginations drive their musical creations and allow them to unlock all that music has to offer by providing them with hands-on experience. Literally.

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