Our New Year’s Resolutions!

We asked Team KIDBOX to share their New Years Resolutions. To better ourselves in 2019 and beyond, we’re going to…

Incorporate daily meditation into my routine and be more mindful.

Lift Up those around me and pay them genuine compliments.

Focus more on self-discovery!

Do something every day that makes me happy, like drawing.

Prioritize wellness and health, starting with sticking to a gym schedule.

Read at least one book each month.

Become a morning person and embrace the day from the start.

Share more of my creativity without fear of judgment.

Involve myself more in my neighborhood by going to local community board meetings.

Establish a daily meditation and affirmation morning routine.

Start each day by setting a daily intention.

Practice more yoga, and focus on being the best version of myself.

What are your resolutions and intentions for the New Year?