Taking the Hassle Out of Kid Shopping

Working moms, hear me out. I do a lot of things in my professional life. Sometimes I feel like a need a hat rack for all the proverbial hats I wear on a weekly basis. If I’m not auditioning, I might be writing a pilot, pitching a TV idea, doing voice over work, hosting a show (more on that soon…!), directing a short film, choreographing a TV show, producing and co-hosting a podcast… you get the idea. I’m busy.  And I’m constantly hustling for whatever the next gig is. We don’t have a nanny so when I am home or on the occasion I have the day off, all the rest of the house and family chores and duties are still calling… and honestly, I just want to play with my kid. Not drag her around Target. (which is akin to an episode of Game of Thrones these days with the screaming she does for “SNAAAAAACKS” from the cart)

Point being, I have little time or patience to shop for myself or my daughter, but I like when Georgia looks cute (Hello, have you seen my Instagram? I can’t stop with her). So I tried one of these box services called Kidbox.You enter a quick questionnaire and you personal kid stylist (yes, that’s a thing) curates a box for you 5 times a year with sweet, seasonal surprises and ship it right to your door. Pay for what you like, send back what you don’t. Best part– for every box, they clothe a child in need for every box kept. Love a company that gives back.

Here’s what we got in our box! (bonus items were a French hooded towel and Nuby stroller hooks) Plus the cute outfit Georgia is wearing on the slide 🙂

The spring boxes come out end of Feb! Seriously love this service and I can’t wait to see what we get next time. And of course I got a discount code for you if you want to try it out — YOLAKIN — I got your back. Now if you’ll excuse me, I gotta new hat to put on 😉

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