Surprise Balls: Unwrapping Wonder

A KIDBOX has been delivered. It sits on the front porch just begging to be opened and at last, it is time to dive into the colorful contents of the carefully styled box. However, the hottest fashion show of the year will have to wait. What simply cannot be delayed is everyone’s favorite part of their special package. It’s time to unravel the Surprise Ball, revealing wonder and the delightful treasures hidden within.

These are artist Judy Walker’s trademark Surprise Balls and we can’t get enough.  Designed by Judy and lovingly crafted by artisans in Eugene, Ore. these balls are handmade with over 100 feet of vibrant crepe paper and contain unique trinkets such as stickers, costume jewelry, and erasers. Reinvented by Judy, these fun novelties originated in the early 1950s. The Surprise Balls are fabulous interactive experiences that have been described as “the toy you destroy to enjoy.”

Judy was a creative kid with an imaginative mind. She spent much of her childhood putting on carnivals and shows for the other kids in her neighborhood. Her flair for the dramatic led her to Los Angeles where she opened her studio, TOPS Malibu. Here, she began designing unique and entertaining party favors that catered to an upscale Hollywood clientele. KIDBOX is in good company: TOPS Malibu has created products for the Academy Awards, Grammys, and a presidential inauguration.

Judy’s goal is to invent thoughtful and creative products that bring joy to children as well as adults. When Surprise Balls arrived at the KIDBOX office in New York, we all became kids again. Unwrapping each treasure creates moments of carefree enjoyment and brings people together.

All of Judy’s products are handmade in the United States and are designed to bring joy to others. We couldn’t think of a better way to add more happiness to #unpackhappy.
What did you find inside? Post a photo of your treasures with #unpackhappy and we’ll share our favorites.