How to Style Your Child for Summer in 6 Easy Steps

I’m a Dia&Co style expert, which means I get to connect with countless women every day as they build the wardrobes they’ve always wanted. Plus, I’m the mom of a very stylish one-year-old, Lily Rae—aka my littlest client.

With the first day of summer just around the corner, most families are looking forward to more time outside. Enjoying the season while also making sure you’re both dressed for everything can be tricky, so here are my six foolproof summer styling tips for kids:


  1. Plan Ahead: There’s one thing I’m sure you and I have in common: being really busy. So it wouldn’t surprise me if, like me, you’ve dressed your child in their favorite outfit, only to realize they wore the exact same outfit a few days prior. One week before your planned outing, take 20 minutes to put together two outfit options for you and your little ones, just in case one doesn’t end up working. Then include your kiddo in the planning and let them vote for their favorites!


  1. Go Complementary: When matching outfits with your child, it’s important to keep things a little tongue-in-cheek. You don’t want to dress like a little kid, so keep key differences between adult’s and children’s fashions in mind. Go bold this summer and mix bright colors with floral prints—then tie both looks together by combining different textures from your child’s closet!


  1. Cute & Comfy: Never, ever compromise on the quality of the clothes. Go for loose-fitting, stylish clothes that provide room for your toddler to move, and will also look cool. And the same rules apply to you! Luckily, KIDBOX sent me a must-have, easy-breezy matching set for Lily Rae, and Dia&Co has me covered with an amazing dress that’s sure to become my new summer uniform.


  1. Stylish Shades: Buy sunglasses that are trendy and also help your baby make a unique style statement. Plus, they’ll protect your child’s eyes from harmful UV Rays. For me, I’ve been really into finding funky prescription glasses, like these Warby Parker ones.

  2. Day to Night: When you’ve got a busy day planned, keep transitioning into the night in mind: I always like to make sure Lily Rae is wearing an outfit that she is comfortable enough to fall asleep and move around in during the night. If you get home late with a sleeping child in the backseat, the last thing you’ll want to do is change their outfit. Why risk interrupting their precious dreams and that elusive full night’s sleep you’ve been longing for? My recommendation is trying a jumpsuit. The Jessica Simpson, boho-style jumpsuit KIDBOX sent Lily Rae is perfect.

  3. Summer Footwear: Your tiny trotter has tender feet and a yearning for exploration. A waterproof, neutral-colored sneaker—with a flexible sole and quick-drying fabric—is a must-have. Wearing sneakers never gets old, but it’s always nice to have fresh ideas on how to style them. We all love a good Instagram-worthy outfit opportunity, so try pairing a jersey dress or romper with your swimsuits underneath and add sneakers. You’ll be the trendiest, most comfortable family at the pool.


If any moms reading this wear sizes 14+ and are looking for a summer wardrobe refresh, Dia&Co and I are happy to help! Click this link to get 50% off your first styling fee.

I can’t wait to see how you’re using these tips with your own closets. Share your summer looks with me, @kaylaklein, using #UnpackHappy!