Quick 5 with Matthew

  1. When did you start drawing? I grew up more of a 3d artist. I was a glassblower and ceramicist from age 11 and drawing wasn’t as interesting to me. I started drawing and embracing the whimsical naive style my style had in Junior year of College.
  2. What project are you most proud of? In 2009 Swatch hired me to create three watches for their Artist Collection. My work was on billboards/buses/magazines etc. i had billboards in Times Square, China, Europe etc. It was my fifteen minutes of fame. The collection launched in Venice Italy and they flew my wife and I out for the launch. It is something I’ll never forget.
  3. Who’s your favorite artist / who or what inspires you the most? I don’t have one favorite artist. A short List is Egon Schiele, Warhol, Haring, Burton, Seuss, Daumier, Nara, Calder. I’m inspired by products. The ability to change a tee or can with design and art. I like to embrace the commercial end of art. I’d rather my work be seen by lots of people rather than hang on a gallery wall for an opening on one random Thursday evening.
  4. What’s your favorite instagram accounts to follow? I like @hypebeast and @hypekids for trends/brands and @ifyouhigh for fun and ideas.
  5. What’s your favorite type of drawing to draw? I draw a lot of animals and characters. I don’t do it on purpose. It’s almost like when my mind in’t thinking and I start to draw I start with eyes and go from there.
  6. Anything else you want to tell KIDBOX readers? Follow me on instagram! @MathewLangille


Mathew left lots of free space for your kids to add their artwork to the front and back cover of this summer’s newspaper. Share your designs with @KIDBOX