Personalized Bedtime Gifts

What if children actually looked forward to bedtime instead of delaying it? Sounds utopian but not impossible. Here are a few things that could aid mommies and daddies with a smoother bedtime routine, and make kids feel loved and protected:

  1. A pillow with a prayer: A cushy pillow and a sweet poem of gratitude and contentment could really set a calming routine for children. We want them to go to bed laying not just their bodies but also their minds to rest. Pillow covers can be self-printed with soothing nighttime images or there are tons of personalization options online. Here’s an example of a poem that can adorn the pillow case:

As I settle in my bed
Help me rest my little head
If I wake in the night kiss my cheek
Bless my family and the ones I love
Watch us all from up above

  • Personalized bedtime book: What can be more fun than reading a bedtime story about yourself? Books like The Little Boy/Girl Who Lost His Name not only enthrall kids but also teach them letter sounds without them knowing. That’s a win-win.
  • Wall decals: Kids don’t have to stare at empty walls while trying to fall asleep. Parents can help kids unleash their imagination by using decals to tell a favourite story or by using characters from their kids’ favourite shows. Personalize it according to what your child would love. The best part? Decals can be easily changed so you don’t have to budget for an entire makeover in a few months.
  • Stress busters: For particularly anxious nights, lay some koosh balls or soft foam balls with their names on it. They can squish their worries away before hitting the bed. Play dough and silly putty are also great for them to lay their hands on for a few minutes of relaxing play at bedtime.
  • Personalized stuffy: Stuffed animals are the cuddliest gifts you can give your kids at bedtime. It may help to get one made from mommy’s scarf so that kids feel close to you while they sleep. Another idea would be to use your kids’ old sleepers to make a memory bear. Double it up as a keepsake and a boon for bedtime!
  • Night lights: Although bright lights can distract kids from sleeping, the more serene ones have quite the opposite effect. Kids love thinking about space and stars, and there’s a whole world of glow-in-the-dark stickers and night lights that transform their bedrooms into magical places. Be careful not to overdo it though!