Real Moms Confess to Their ‘Little White Lies’.

Mom life isn’t easy. As parents and role models, we teach our kids the values of honesty and being truthful but sometimes, we do resort to little white lies to prevent an epic meltdown or simply to save us from answering the question ‘why’ for the hundredth time. This Mother’s Day, we celebrate moms by talking to real moms who confess to their ‘little white lies’.

Disclaimer: We are not promoting lying to kids, or to anyone. This post is intended for pure humor.

“I tell my 11-year-old son if he is on time for school this week he can stay home all of next week.”
—Misty, Mother of 4

“I tell my 6-year-old daughter that when the ice cream truck plays music, it means they are out of ice cream.”
—Tiffany, Mother of 1

“I told my 2-year-old that Halloween was about collecting candy for mommy and daddy.”
—Nikki, Mom of 1

“All the animals are sleeping right now so we can’t go to the zoo in winter. We unplug the TV or let the batteries run down on the tablet and tell him it’s broken.”
—Melissa, Mom of 1

“If you play with your Willy it will fall off.”
—Christine, Mom of 1

When my son was three or four years old, whenever he asked for candy or cookies, I would tell him I’d check the package and see if he could have it. And then I would say, “Oh no, it says you have to be 12 years old.” Or if it was something he was allowed but within a limit, I would say, “Oh okay, it says you have to eat three veggies and brush your teeth right after.”
—Katherine, Mom of 1

“My son thinks that Toys R Us is just a toy testing place. You can’t buy or bring home toys. You can only look.”
Zoe, Mom of 2

“All my kids grew up thinking that a red dot appeared on their foreheads that only mom and dad could see if they lied. I also told my middle son that Nutella was poo sauce.”
Kara, Mom of 3

Daddy takes the TV remote batteries to work. Sorry, we can’t watch it during the day!”
Shelley, Mom of 1

“If you lie, your nose will grow and you’ll have a huge old man nose by the time you start kindergarten. My 4-year-old then tells the truth while touching her nose.”
Elizabeth, Mom of 2

“Jesus can see you in the washroom and tells me if you washed your hands.”
Elisa, Mom of twins

“The Youtube app doesn’t work on the iPad.”
Adriana, Mom of 1

“If you kiss on the lips you’ll get a cold sore.”
Enea, Mom of 2

“In summer, while playing with water, I tell them the water ran out and now we have to wait for it to fill up again. I also shut off the Wi-FI and say that someone else is using it, we all have to take turns.”
Linda, Mom of 2

“If you pick your nose or eat boogers, it will make you smaller.”
Elise, Mom of 2

“It is dangerous to go into Mommy’s room.”
Joanna, Mom of 1

“You will grow shorter and your nose will get longer if you lie or be naughty.”
Adithi, Mom of 2

“Fruit loops is hotel food, and only available on vacation.”
Tracy, Mom of 1

“If my son is giving me a hard time overeating dinner I tell him it’s either what’s on his plate, or a plate of broccoli – his choice. (Even if I don’t have broccoli in the fridge).”
Charlie, Mom of 1

“If my son doesn’t listen I end up calling the ‘police’ so they can come and talk to him. He usually does whatever I tell him to after that.”
Natalie, Mom of 2

“When they ring the bell at mass, it’s telling kids they better be quiet or stop fussing.”
Laura, Mom of 2

“We have 15 more minutes and then we have to leave because they are closing the (public) park.”
Michelle, Mom of 2

“I used to have mist dispensers hung on the walls throughout the house. I told my kids they were cameras connected to my phone. I see everything! As each got older they started to figure it out. My 9-year-old only figured it out the other day when he caught me standing on the chair changing it.”
Tutti, Mom of 3

“I tell my boys that cauliflower is ‘ghost broccoli’ to get them to eat it.”
Keri, Mom of 5

“I tell my oldest that holiday displays at the grocery store (like the rows of Easter candy) are not for sale until the actual holiday. Then the Easter bunny or Santa brings stuff so we never have to bother getting it ourselves.”
Julie, Mom of 2

“If you’re lying there will be a black dot on your tongue.”
Jen, Mom of 4

“My daughter wouldn’t eat beans so I told her that beans make you beautiful. I googled some before and after makeover photos to show her proof. She now loves beans.”
Dimitra, Mom of 2

“If you eat while lying down, you will turn into a snake.”
Ann, Mom of 3

“I’ve convinced my child that prunes and figs are cookies.”
Samar, Mom of 1

“My daughter thinks the Disney Store is Disney World. She thinks she has been to Disney World so many times.”
Meeta, Mom of 2

“Ikea is Sweden. We’ve been to ‘Sweden’ many times.”
Tracy, Mom of 1

“Pop is spicy! Worked like a charm with my oldest daughter, she has never touched pop and is now almost 20 and still only drinks milk, chocolate milk or water. When my kids were younger we also used to have a New Year’s party and they would have friends over. We would change all the clocks to midnight at about 10 pm, they would have a countdown, blow noisemakers and then go to bed!”
Denise, Mom of 2

“We have Santa’s cell phone number and we call one of our friends to rat them out when the kids don’t listen.”
Eva, Mom of 2

Don’t stick French fries up your nose or a potato will grow in there.”
Gillian, Mom of twins.