Job Description: Mom

Planning 􏰀 Operations 􏰀 Management

Skilled supervisor and controller of all strategic and emotional aspects of the family. First in command in household management and responsible for giving proper tactical direction as well as creating a vision for success. Diligent manager who leads by example, promotes household philosophy, provides ongoing vital coaching, and acts as a perpetually inspiring leader.

Highly specialized in predicting behaviors, calculating risks, prioritizing needs of multiple team members, timeline projections, multi-tasking, and swiftly determining optimal order of operations.


  • Improvisational problem-solver, skilled at quickly adapting to the temperamental needs of subordinates and their environments. Highly adept at efficient decision-making on both a small and large scale.
  •  Masterful communicator, specialized in presenting multiple directives in new and inventive ways until they are successfully carried out.
  • Practiced at putting the needs of the household first, foregoing all personal desires and self care including, but not limited to: showering, using the bathroom alone, eating a full meal, answering phone calls or emails; drinking coffee while it is hot; finishing a sentence with another adult; getting adequate exercise, and all areas of grooming.
  • Comfortable providing firm instruction with gentle and appropriate delivery to implement desires of the leadership team. Tested in maintaining a calm and composed demeanor at all times in the face of repeated physical and behavioral challenges.
  • Proven resilience to critiques on performance by members of the general public at all times.


  • Developed short-term strategies and plans to ensure alignment with the long-term objective of creating a successful, responsible, educated, caring, creative adult. Worked to remain focused on the big picture goal with a 20 year projection timeline.
  •  Provided a reliable, predictable leadership presence for dependents to access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • Oversaw all operations and activities including getting dressed; changing soiled clothing; keeping pairs of shoes, mittens, and socks together; buckling in car seats; holding hands in the parking lots; fastening in strollers; locating missing toy pieces; chasing through store aisles; taping ripped book pages; encouraging participation in storytimes; rushing to bathrooms; attending sporting events; teaching social niceties; providing pushes on the swingset; changing dirty sheets; cutting nails; scheduling haircuts; packing appropriate supplies in backpacks; tightening swim goggles; unsnarling hair knots; scheduling doctor’s appointments; opening toy containers; coordinating playdates; negotiating screen time; and all essential components of proper food and adequate rest.
  •  Generated in-house policies and enforced adherence to them through consistent modeling and guidance. Deferred to established household policy to maintain compliance, despite perpetual resistance.
  •  Continually reviewed progress of household systems to assess both their efficacy and functionality. Swiftly implemented changes to the systems if deemed inadequate and devised solutions or improvements. Collaborated daily with key partner to develop and implement the family’s overall strategy, mission, and core values.
  • Acted as a point of contact for all communication on subordinate’s behalf and built strong relations to ensure their social and educational well-being. Lead and motivated subordinates to advance their personal engagement with their world, their peers, their family, and their community.
  • Maintained a thorough understanding of appropriate child development and maintained up-to-date knowledge of the fluctuating parental trends and current best practices.
  • Responsible for the calculation of multiple figures and amounts regarding when children woke up; how much sleep they received; when they are due back for a nap; how long they need to nap; how long they should be aloud to protest in their cribs; when they will be due to eat breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, and dinner; what time they should stop drinking fluids so they don’t have an accident while sleeping; how many bananas are appropriate to be consumed in one day; what food groups have been left out and should be consumed in the next meal; how many days the breakfast cereal will last before you need to go to the store again; when the baby last nursed; when the baby is due to nurse again; what time you need to leave each activity to avoid kids falling asleep in the car; when the last diaper was changed; and how long you can be away from the house before using the potty.


  • The kids are alive, healthy, and happy.