My Milkshake Brings all the Kids to the Yard

There seems to be a national day commemorating anything and everything. National Bubble Bath Day (January 8), National Make Your Bed Day (September 11) and National Just Because Day (August 27) just to name a few. But ONE day stands out, honoring the creamy, chocolaty, refreshing and satisfying drink that is an all time favorite in any household- The Chocolate Milkshake. So this September 12th raise a glass (or two) and celebrate National Chocolate Milkshake Day.

Here are 12 chocolate milkshake recipes that will bring any kid to your yard:

  1. Decadent Chocolate Milkshake (You’d Never Know Is Healthy)
    Willow Arlen of the food blog Will Cook for Friends shares her vegan, gluten-free, refined sugar-free chocolate milk shake that is also guilt-free. For the recipe click here
  2. DQ Style Oreo Blizzard Recipe
    Need your Oreo fix but can’t make it to the drive through? Click here to fulfill your cravings.
  3. Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Shake
    Elvis Presley had the right idea marrying peanut butter and banana into his iconic sandwich. Welcome chocolate and you got yourself a beyond satisfying shake. Get bananas here
  4. Vegan Freakshake Milkshake
    Just look at that thing. Don’t skimp out on the pretzels! Click here to get your freak on.
  5. White Chocolate Raspberry Milkshake
    This white stuff is actually a chocolate imposter because it contains no chocolate whatsoever. For those of you who still love it, try this.
  6. Chocolate Lovers Coconut Milkshake with Sea Salt 
    The sea salt is key in this recipe. In fact, adding salt to any chocolate milkshake will round out the flavors. Let’s get salty! For the full recipe click here
  7. S’mores Milkshake
    Bring that summer campfire into the kitchen- all the flavor, none of the flames. Click here for the S’mores inspired milkshake.
  8. Chocolate Malt Shake 
    A 1950s diner classic. Go back in time today with this chocolate malt shake. Click here to get nostalgic.
  9. Paleo Copycat Wendy’s Frosty
    A healthier version to your favorite fast food chain frosty. Click here for this dairy-free and vegan treat.
  10. Nutella Milkshake 
    Nutella. Nuff said. Click here for the full recipe.
  11. Dark Chocolate Coffee Milkshake
    After making all these milkshakes for your kids, you may need some energy. Get your shot of espresso in an iced cold beverage right here.
  12. The Classic…Hershey’s Chocolate Milk Shake 
    And now for what you’ve been waiting for…. The Classic Chocolate Milkshake. There’s nothing like the simplest things in life. Get the recipe here