Meet These Amazing Little Leaders

You’ve met our Kid’s Board of Directors – but what about the other kids out there doing amazing things? We’re putting the spotlight on more Little Leaders! Check out these awesome kids who are doing big things in their community and to change the world:

Kings & Gents

Meet Jabez and Christopher of Kings and Gents. These young fashion moguls and entrepreneurs design bow ties, belts, scarves, and pocket squares for their fellow kids. Their mission is to inspire confidence and pride through fashion.

Ryan’s Recycling

Ryan Hickman has a passion for recycling & cleaning up the environment – he’s recycled 385K cans & bottles so far. That’s 80K pounds of recycled materials! And he’s donated over $8K to The Pacific Marine Mammal Center, too!

Brae’s Brown Bags

Braeden Mannering is on a mission to provide healthy snacks to homeless and low-income individuals. He’s delivered over 12,000 bags so far!  Braeden hopes to bring awareness to food insecurity and homelessness and poverty. He believes everyone deserves access to healthy food.

Project 365 by Campbell

This Little Leader is all the way from Australia! Campbell taught himself to sew and creates teddy bears by hand to gift children in hospitals – he’s delivered over 1,000 bears so far! Campbell is also an author – his second book comes out in November and all the funds will support Campbell’s Kindness Cruises. His Kindness Cruises are a treat for families to recover and start fresh with a happy memory.

Brooklynn Prince

Brooklynn is a KIDBOX Kidbassador and a kid crusader on a mission to change the world through her work with The Community Hope Center, an organization that helps those living in homeless shelters or in motels throughout Florida. She’s also an acting dynamo known for her award-winning performance for The Critic’s Choice Award as Moonee in The Florida Project.


Hannah Grace was only 11 months old when she was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Later in life, her love of bath bombs would lead her down an entrepreneurial path. She began researching ingredients and making her own Bath Bombs, which she now sells online and in 8 retail outlets in two states. She donates 20% of her profit to JDRF and has donated an additional $3000 to various charities.

Mr. Cory’s Cookies

Cory Nieves aka Mr. Cory, always dreamed of making the world a better place. Combining this passion with a love of sweet treats, he founded Mr. Cory’s Cookies at just six years old! Cory works with various nonprofits, including Bergen’s Promise in Rochelle Park, New Jersey.


Alina Morse was only seven years old when she asked herself why a lollipop that’s actually good for your teeth doesn’t exist. Together with her dad, they set off to make delicious treats what were good for teeth – Zollipops are vegan and organic. All sales of Zollipops go toward her One Million Smiles initiative, which promotes educating kids on oral health, science and chemistry, taking care of themselves, and inspiring kids.


Khloe is 11 years old and passionate about giving back to others. She started a nonprofit organization called KhloeKares where she assembles and gives out hand-sewn bags filled with toiletries and other necessities for homeless men & women around the country. She has distributed over 3000 bags so far!

Jackson & Tristan Kelley

Two brothers, Jackson and Tristan Kelley, started Backpacks for New Beginnings in Massachusetts to help kids in need with the gear they need for school. Since 2009, they have donated over 7,500 backpacks to kids in need.

Caragan Olles

Caragan Olles was 11 years old when her brother and she started Bright Young Dyslexics, a non-profit to raise money for dyslexic students in Wisconsin and raise awareness for dyslexia. To date, the charity has raised over $145,000 and directly impacted 1933 dyslexic students.

Nicholas Lowinger

Nicholas Lowinger was 12 years old when he started Gotta Have Sole, a charity that provides new footwear to children in homeless shelters. He is now 20 years old and a junior at NYU’s Stern School of Business, majoring in Marketing and Sustainable Business. He has given footware to over 97,000 children in homeless shelters in all 50 states. There are 26 middle and high schols across the country that run Gotta Have Sole Clubs who aim to serve children in their communities.

Mary Grace Henry

Mary Grace Henry was 12 when she started her own business to help educate underprivileged girls in the poorest countries of Africa. She started by teaching herself how to make reversible headbands with a plan to sell them at her school’s bookstore, using 100% of the profits to send girls living in extreme poverty to school.Mary Grace’s program, Reverse The Course, is a successful social business that has sold over 15,000 hair accessories and donated over $45,000 towards educating girls. So far, her business has supported 115 girls in 4 countries.

Winter Vinecki

Winter was determined to honor her dad and founded her charity, Team Winter, to help put an end to prostate cancer by finding a cure. Vinecki became the youngest person to complete a marathon in Antarctica on March 30, 2013 when she finished the Antarctica Marathon with a time of 4 hours, 49 minutes, 45 seconds, putting her in third place in the women’s race.  Winter is the youngest person to run on all seven continents.

Charlie Coons

A California resident, Charlie Coons, was 11 years old when she first heard of children sleeping on dirt floors and having no shoes or warm homes. Her older brother had volunteered at an orphanage in Jordan and told Charlie about what he saw. Charlie decided it was time to do something so she brought together friends and family to sew 50 fleece blankets to be shipped there. The incident grew into an organization called HELP (Hope Encouragement Love Peace) – HELP has sent blankets to 15 nations with the help of several international children’s organizations.

Is Your Child A Little Leader?
We would love to feature them! Send us a note to describing your Little Leader and how they’re making a change in their school or community. Who knows, they just might be the next member of the Kid’s Board of Directors!