Meet the KIDBOX Kids Board of Directors!

Anja, 10
Anja has cerebral palsy and is currently working with Northwestern’s Engineering School to make a sewing machine without pedals that will help her in her dreams of becoming a fashion designer.

Vic, 12
As the son of KIDBOX CEO Miki Berardelli, Vic is very familiar and involved with KIDBOX’s philanthropic message. Vic loves fashion as well as giving back to others.

Tennyson, 7
Tennyson is part of a successful kids fashion Instagram (run by mom!) @theartistboys along with his 2 brothers. Tennyson loves all fashion but his favorite is sneakers!

Nyla, 6
Nyla is our youngest board member at 6 years old! Nyla already has a strong desire to help others and has even written a book about being kind titled “Kindnis.”

Olivia, 7
Olivia is part of the popular Instagram account @LivandWillow. She is a fashion enthusiast and model. Olivia also loves helping people in every way she can!

Victoria, 13
Victoria writes for Amazing Kids Magazine, an organization that helps kids achieve their entrepreneurial dreams . She also is the Vice President of Public Relations at her middle school and likes to invent things in her spare time.

Sylvie, 11
Sylvie is a melanoma philanthropist and aspiring fashion designer. She has designed a see through swim shirt so that kids can be protected from the sun but that still allows for the stylish swimsuit to be seen. Sylvie also loves dance, drama, and soccer.

Megan, 14
Megan’s philanthropic pursuits started with “Pumpkins for Punkins,” a project she started on her family’s farm to raise money for kids in need. She grew pumpkins and sold them, raising over $1,500, to provide families in need with toys and clothes.

Legasi, 12
Legasi is a Children of Promise member and is committed to helping others through the program that helped him when he was younger and continues to do so. Legassi aspires to be a fashion designer or architect.

Danika, 8
Danika spent the first two months of her life in the neonatal ICU and now she commits all of her spare time doing work to raise funds, awareness and hope for families coping with challenges associated with childbirth.