Meet Brittany!

What do you do at KIDBOX?
I’m a Customer Happiness Associate. I make sure our customers are assisted with anything and everything they need whether it’s style consulting over the phone, questions about returns over email or helping with an exchange over live chat. I’m also on our company Culture Committee where I help plan team building events
What is your favorite part of working at KIDBOX?
It is so hard to choose! While we do have a pretty big supply of candy in the office, I would say my favorite thing about working at KIDBOX would have to be my teammates. Everyone comes to the office happy and passionate (which are actually two of our core values). The energy is infectious!

What was your favorite book as a child?
My favorite book was “Cookie’s Week”. It’s about a cat named Cookie and all the mischief he causes around the house. Everyday, Cookie is up to something new! I myself recently adopted two kittens who are a lot like Cookie!

What were your favorite hobbies or activities as a child?
I loved making up dances and playing outside with my cousins. I also loved to set up shop in my living room. I had a Barbie cash register and so I’d lay out random things on my living room table and sell them to my family. I was a young entrepreneur!

What’s do you love most about Fall? What about when you were a child?
Another hard question! There’s so many things I love about Fall such as the leaves changing, the crisp air, spooky houses, apple picking, leather jackets, dressing up for Halloween, and my grandmother’s mashed potatoes at Thanksgiving dinner. It’s definitely the most magical season.

I think my favorite thing about Fall is that there are so many moments to make fun memories with my family and friends. When I was a child, my favorite thing was picking out a Halloween Costumes hands down!

What’s your favorite brand or trend in our Fall boxes?
My favorite brand for Fall would have to be 7 For All Mankind. Premium denim never goes out of style and there’s nothing like a pair of jeans that fit just right. I wish we carried these jeans in my size because they are soft, durable and go with everything!

What are you dressing up as for Halloween?
I’m dressing up as a mermaid!