We at Me-j strive to have children help shape our design and development philosophies of our different products, so on July 27th when we were invited to the Kidbox office in New York, with their Kid’s Board of Directors – Legasil, Sylvie, Tennyson, Olivia, Vic, Nylah, Megan, Danika, Victoria and Anja, we were very excited and eager to see what we could learn!

This group of really cool kids had only just met that morning for the first time, many having flown in for their first KidBox meeting the day before. We caught up with them just before their lunch break, introducing them to our latest iOS app for iPads, the Me-j Studio – where kids can learn, and create music in a new engaging way.

After just a few minutes they were composing intuitively and easily, playing, sharing and performing their own songs. Despite spending only 45 minutes together, some of them managed to find time to not only create their own songs, but were able to remix each others projects and have some fun performing live for each other using the me-j pad. The sheer joy and immediate urge to collaborate and co-create were among some of our immediate takeaways.

You can check out all of their awesome creations by downloading our app “Me-j” on iOS and opening up the “gallery” section to find all the saved songs and projects.

Many thanks to Kidbox for hosting us. We hope to invited again for the next KBKBoD event!