Making the World a Better Place (While Staying Warm & Cozy!)

We know how tempting it is to stay cuddled inside as much as possible during the winter. Luckily, doing good doesn’t have to be put on hold just because you’re planning on a cozy day inside.

Here are some creative and effective ways to spend your time helping others while staying cuddled indoors with your coziest pair of sweatpants on.

Send an email.
Those people who make it their life’s work to help the community (like police officers, firefighters, bus drivers, teachers, etc.) can all approach their jobs with more energy and compassion when they know their work is appreciated. If you can’t find a specific person’s email, share it with the general email listed on the website. Trust that your compliment will make its way to the person it’s meant for AND spread the good word along the way.

Compost & Recycle.
These aren’t just personal preferences, they are actually super easy steps that make a huge difference in your community’s economy and environment.

Go through your house for things to donate.
You can find online sites that will ship boxes right to your house for you to fill with your items to donate – some of them even provide free postage to ship your box, so you don’t have to even step foot outside.

Post on social media.
The more we see good, the more we are inspired to do good. Make it your personal mission to put a positive post on social media every single day. The post could be a story of someone doing good deeds or just an awesome phrase or picture that inspires us to help one another.

Learn CPR or basic first aid online.
Hopefully, you’ll never have to use it, but it’s great to know that if the need comes, you could be that person. The community is a better place when we know how to help each other in emergencies.

Feel like macaroni and cheese or chocolate chip cookies on a snow day? Cook a double batch and let a friend or a neighbor know you’ve got dinner covered for them.

Write a letter.
There are so many people out there who could use a friendly note. Whether it’s a child who is in the hospital, a member of the military, a lonely senior, or someone who is going through a dark time, there are hundreds of organizations online where you can volunteer to write uplifting notes to those who need them most.

Send a random nice text.
Remember that helping the community starts with all of us feeling connected to each other. When you send a nice message to someone wanting nothing in return, it inspires that person to spread good vibes as well. That pattern of kindness has true power in changing our world.