Love that Layered Look: Why Spring Style is Awesome

When we’re deep into winter, we know every trick for bundling our kids up so not an inch of skin is showing. When we’re in the heart of summer, we let them run out the door freely with just a sundress or a pair of shorts and flip flops.

But spring? That’s when we have to get a little more inventive with the attire.

It’s not just that the weather changes day to day, but even from morning to afternoon. The joggers and hoodies our kids have been wearing all winter suddenly feel like overkill on an afternoon that turns brilliantly sunny and warm. But the lightweight fabrics of their summer wardrobe are not quite enough to ward off that bite still lingering in the air.

As a mom and a lover of kid’s clothes, this is one of my favorite times to dress my kids. It’s a time that has a sort of hybrid style all its own, with pieces pulled from both the wools and fleeces of the colder months as well as the airy styles of the warmer ones. Here are a few ways I like to embrace the eclectic and playful look of layers for spring:

Pull out those summer dresses, rompers, and overalls NOW.

Where I live, if I saved all the adorable clothing until the weather was perfect, I’d only enjoy it for about two months a year. Pull it out! For my daughter, I pair the dresses with skinny jeans to give them more of a tunic feel, and put a pair of wool tights under her rompers. I also love to pair rompers with baby leg warmers that not only give an extra layer of warmth, but create kind of 80s aerobic look that I think is irresistibly cute.

Embrace tights and leggings.

For both boys and girls, I love the legging look. You can find ones with great patterns, like stripes, camouflage, or tribal print. Thrown under a pair of basketball shorts, denim shorts, or short overalls, they not only look cool, but offer an extra layer that can be removed if the day gets warm.

Roll pants into capris.

Again, another one of my favorite springtime looks. When it’s not quite warm enough for shorts, rolling pants up 2-3 times gives just enough of a nod to summer without making the full leap. Layering a pair of high socks and some high galoshes make your kid ready for some serious puddle jumping.

Embrace pattern mixing.

One of the reasons I love layering so much is that you can create some fun visual dimension. Kids style can be super playful and I love to push the limits on curating that look. My mom always calls the way I pick out clothes, “Putting patterns together that look like your kids picked them out.” So, think: a striped long sleeve shirt under a floral tunic. Or, a star patterned t-shirt

with an argyle cardigan thrown over it. Layers are practical, but they are also a great opportunity to make a style statement.

T-Shirts on top.

All the best designs live on t-shirts. I get sad sometimes when I peek into my kid’s t-shirt drawers to see all the playful pieces that haven’t been touched since they were folded and put away in September. So I’ve recently started to pull them back out, treating them like another layer of warmth on top of a more substantial piece. I love the look of a button down shirt (try long or short sleeved) underneath a fun t-shirt with the collar and sleeves peeking out. Or, even putting two t-shirts together, with the sleeves of the bottom piece rolled over the top.

Invest in a vest.

I spent a long time thinking that vests were an impractical buy for my kids, but I’ll concede to being wrong about that. We have gotten months of use out of one or two good vest purchases, primarily in those temperatures when a coat is just not quite called for. They are super easy to put on, and they are a great layered look as well. I’d suggest keeping your eye out for one that can be worn outside, but also inside as part of an outfit, like a suede, cable knit, or denim.

Pull up those socks.

After years of making fun of our dads for pulling their socks up so high, I can’t believe it, but high socks are back in. And I will admit, it’s a pretty adorable look for kids. I love to pull them up over leggings, or pair them with dresses or shorts to give a little extra warmth. There are some awesome patterns out there like plaid, argyle, and baseball stripes for older kids, or detailing at the knees like lace or animal faces for younger kids.

Happy layering, and happy spring!