Kindness is Our Favorite Trend

October is Anti-Bullying month and the Kid’s Board of Directors is leading the charge by making changes in their communities and setting an example for kid’s everywhere on being kind.

When our Board convened this summer, we talked about many topics – including what it means to be a good person. The Kid’s Board got a lesson in bullying from Sara Cohn, a Licensed Master Social Worker & Director of Student Support at Beit Rabban Day School in New York City. She led an interactive session discussing different types of bullying, how to combat bullying and more. Combining what they learned with their own experiences and with the help of the KIDBOX Design Team, the Kid’s Board got to work designing their own anti-bullying t-shirts to spread their message in style.

Check out some of their designs:
Click to expand.

Here’s how they plan on inspiring their friends and classmates to be good Kid Citizens and creating a world where everyone feels included:

  • “I would tell them to understand that you’re not more important than others.” – Grace
  • “I would tell them to be true to themselves and not be a hypocrite.” – Sylvie
  • “Always take responsibility for your actions.” – Aden
  • “Make sure you stand together, not in front of anybody else!” – Naomi
  • “Don’t worry about what other people think of you – as long as you’re doing what you believe in, you’re good.” –Sidney

We invite you and your kids to spread your own message of kindness by designing your own anti-bullying shirt. Print the below template and get designing. Don’t forget to share yours with us by tagging us on Instagram (@kidbox) or Facebook (@kidboxfamily) and using #UnpackHappy. Or, screenshot the below template and use your phone (Instagram stories!) to design and share with us! Our favorite design will win a year of KIDBOX – including Limited Edition boxes!