In the 21st-century technology-savvy age of text messages, emails, and Instagram DMs a handwritten thank you note is sure to stand out. Writing thank you notes can seem like a chore, but it’s an important habit to instill in our kids! By teaching our little ones to write thank you notes at an early age you can help them develop a lifelong habit. Teaching gratitude also helps teach compassion, empathy, and even happiness. Here at KIDBOX, we believe that a quick thank you can go a long way. Included in all Winter boxes you’ll find a set of KIDBOX thank you cards to encourage your children to get started young and show their appreciation and thankfulness this holiday season.

Your Winter box comes with five Thank You cards. Help your kid fill out the cards then post a photo on facebook or Instagram with #KIDBOX and #KIDTHX for a chance to win one free box.