Kids Kindness Checklist

KIDBOX believes in fostering a spirit of kindness. This means being kind to yourself, being kind to others, being kind to the planet, and promoting kindness within your school and home. Use this checklist to tally up all the ways that you are being a champion of kindness!

I Did Something to Celebrate Who I Am
❑ I wore a piece of clothing I love
❑ I worked on my favorite subject at school
❑ I made a collage full of things I love
❑ I chose the radio station I like for the car ride
❑ I asked my mom or dad to tell me their favorite thing about me

I Took Steps to Help the Environment
❑ I walked or rode my bike instead of driving
❑ I reused my KIDBOX box instead of throwing it away
❑ I worked in a garden
❑ I brought some toys or clothing I don’t use to someone who needs it
❑ I used a reusable bottle to drink out of

I Did Something to Make Someone Else Feel Good
❑ I invited someone who looked lonely to come play with me
❑ I told a teacher what I like about his/her class
❑ I chose a KIDBOX charity to donate to with my parents
❑ I told my mom or dad how much I liked the dinner they made
❑ I called a friend or relative I haven’t seen in a while to say hello

I Made Things More Pleasant at Home or School
❑ I helped cook a meal
❑ I let someone else pick which show to watch on TV
❑ I cleaned up a mess I saw
❑ I put on some happy music for my family to listen to together
❑ I gave a smile or wave to someone walking by