Kids Board of Directors

The first ever KIDBOX Board of Directors conference kicked off on July 27 at the KIDBOX headquarters in New York City. The day started as all ten members of the Kids Board gathered around the conference room table for a business brunch and warm welcome from the entire team. They were greeted by KIDBOX CEO, Miki Berardelli. She spoke to them about her own experiences and her role at KIDBOX as well as the ever important KIDBOX mission to clothe 1 million children in need.

The Kids Board, with members hailing from as far away from California and Georgia, then met with Delivering Good President and CEO Lisa Gurwitch. Delivering Good is a non-profit organization that KIDBOX has partnered with since inception. The main mission of Delivering Good is to distribute new toys and clothing to kids through other various charitable organizations.  Gurwitch discussed with the KBD (Kids Board of Directors) the importance of giving back and why it is so crucial to their confidence for kids to have new clothes as opposed to second hand or used.

The KBD shared some of their own experiences giving back. Anja (age 10) has plans to develop an app to help connect people with disabilities to lawyers, as well as a sewing machine that can be used by people who aren’t able to use their foot on the pedal. Megan (age 14) raises money for children in need by growing and selling pumpkins on her family farm. Every member told a story and expressed how excited they were to be in New York City. Each one had a reason and desire to help others, which is exactly why they were all chosen for our first ever Kids Board of Directors!

The Kids Board then met with KIDBOX VP of Merchandising and Senior Director of Operations  CJ for a very special toy testing workshop. Together, they played with and scored a variety of top secret toys that you just might see in your next few boxes. They also got the chance to learn the interface of a new music making app for kids called Me-J. They created and performed their own original songs!

The fun packed day wrapped up with a visit to Children of Promise, one of charities that Delivering Good works with. Children of Promise’s core mission is to embrace children of incarcerated parents and provide them with resources that would otherwise be unavailable to them. Together, the Kids Board and Children of Promise kids packaged 500 back-to-school pencil bags full of erasers, pencil sharpeners, crayons, and highlighters, writing words of encouragement on their first day of school, for children in need. It was a rewarding and exciting experience for everyone involved.

The KIDBOX team is beyond thrilled that we got the chance to share what we do with this amazing group of future entrepreneurs, philanthropists, inventors, and CEOs. We are proud to say our first Board of Directors conference was a huge success and are looking forward to keeping the momentum going with the these amazing kids. Stay tuned to social media channels to learn more and for the chance to apply for our 2018 Kids Board of Directors!