It Feels Good to be Kind!

Here are some things you can do to help you be your kindest self every day.

Make new friends! If you notice someone playing alone, invite them to play with you. Make sure to make them feel comfortable by explaining the game you are playing and letting them know the rules.

If you see something, say something. If you notice a friend doing something kind, let them know! It feels good for them to be recognized and it will feel good for you, too. Next time you see someone holding the door for someone else, or inviting another friend to play, let them know you noticed the kind thing that they did.

Ask questions. Asking questions is a simple way to make someone else feel good. Ask someone how their day is, what they were up to over the weekend, or what their favorite TV show is. You might find that you have things in common with lots of kids!

Give reminders! If you notice a friend making a mistake or ignoring a rule, give them a kind reminder. Rather than telling a teacher on a friend right away, remind them of the rule, let them know how to fix it and give them a chance to do it on their own. Sometimes, kids will need extra help from a teacher. If your reminder does not work, or someone hurts your feelings or your body, let a teacher know right away.

Check in! If you notice a friend is hurt or upset, check in with them and see what you can do to help. If they need help from a grown-up, bring them over to one and wait until you know they are okay.

Be honest. If you make a mistake, be honest about it. If you hurt someone, let them know that you are sorry, and you wish you had done things differently. Ask them what you can do to make it better. Give them some time and space, and don’t get upset if they aren’t ready to let you fix it right away.