An interview with: Jane Mosbacher Morris, CEO of ToTheMarket

To The Market is a socially committed and environmentally responsible company that sources it’s apparel and accessories from Indian Artisans, thereby empowering them to earn a decent living. The company values perfectly align with what KIDBOX believes in.

We chatted with Jane Mosbacher Morris, CEO of To The Market:

1) How did the idea for TO THE MARKET come about and what are its objectives?

I was inspired to start TO THE MARKET after realizing that it was possible to make apparel and accessories more ethically by tapping into the production capacity of the artisan industry- and empowering vulnerable communities along the way. The artisan industry (think sewers, leather workers, jewelry makers!) is the second largest economy in the developing world and is filled with incredible talent.  It’s also dominated by women who traditionally don’t have access to consistent orders and fair pay. TO THE MARKET is committed to changing that.

2) What kind of a difference does TTM make in terms of empowering vulnerable communities in India? Where in India are its roots?

TTM partners with several Indian organization across the country that employ and provide social support services to human trafficking survivors, at-risk women, and vulnerable communities. By making regular orders with our partners, we aim to support long-term employment and business growth opportunities for these women, ensuring they have the skills and tools necessary to live safe and healthy lives.

Many of the challenges in India facing women with whom TTM partners are rooted in extreme poverty, including the lack of safe and healthy working environments. Our local partners not only provide economic opportunity through the dignity of work, but also provide psychological and social support systems to empower these women to invest in themselves and their children.

3) How are the tshirts comparable to what’s available in the market now? Why would/should people buy them?

TTM’s 100% cotton T-shirts are ethically made by vulnerable women in a safe and healthy working condition. When TO THE MARKET produces for amazing companies like KidBox, we turn KidBox’s purchasing power into good. KidBox literally helps us buy the change we want to see in the world.

4) As TTM’s CEO, what is your background and what are your plans for the future with this brand?

I have always been passionate about the dignity of work and fundamentally believe that business plays an integral role in addressing the world’s most significant social challenges.I previously worked in the US Department of State in Counterterrorism and then in Global Women’s Issues. I then worked on humanitarian issues at the McCain Institute.  My work experience combined with my time at Georgetown University and Columbia Business School helped formulate TO THE MARKET’s model.  It’s a manifestation of doing well by doing good.