How to Plan an Unforgettable Party on a Budget

Planning a birthday party can prove to be very expensive, especially since every parent wants their kid to experience nothing but laughter, joy, and happiness the day of the event. Renting a venue, ordering food, setting up decorations, handing out party favors, sending invitations, and buying a cake can end up costing parents a pretty penny. However, there are ways to cut costs and still throw the party your child won’t forget; by following these tips on sticking to a budget, you’ll be able to plan the perfect celebration without breaking the bank!

Park parties:

First and foremost, renting a venue to host the event is usually one of the more expensive costs of planning a birthday party; in addition to paying for space, oftentimes the venue will factor in the cost of setting up and cleaning up. To avoid paying this entirely, take advantage of the soon-to-come summertime weather and throw the party at a nearby park! In doing so, you’ll save the money which can be used to finance other aspects of the party. Just remember to check according to your area if you need to apply for a permit in advance!

Cheap, but interactive entertainment

Entertainment is essential to every birthday party. However, finding a suitable entertainer for the right price can be quite the challenge, especially when you’re trying to stick to a budget. Instead of excessively spending money on party rentals and elaborate forms of entertainment, choose cheaper entertainers, such as NYC entertainers U and M.E and Looney Louie that keep kids captivated through performances and games.

DIY eats and sweets:

Cooking and baking can save the costs of ordering food and buying a cake to satisfy both kids and adults. With the help of YouTube, learning to create cheap, simple, and delicious DIY foods has never been easier. Another option is to purchase a cake baking kit with companies like Red Velvet which ships across the U.S. It is as easy as making a cake with mixes, even if you don’t have any baking experience you can reduce the cake price significantly.

Two is better than one:

If your kid’s birthday is around the same time as a friend’s, consider planning a joint party! That way, you can split the costs and responsibilities with the other parents.

Steer clear from party stores:

With high markups on items you can find cheaper either online, in dollar stores, or even in pharmacies, party stores should be avoided. Taking it one step further, instead of buying decorations at all, browse Pinterest and Instagram to find ideas and ways of creating your own with everyday, cheap materials.

Save on goodie bags:

For goodie bags and party favors, replace toys and knick-knacks that will eventually be either lost or tossed with small, cheap treats and candies kids can enjoy. In addition, if there is an arts and crafts activity, guests can take home their beautiful creations so they won’t leave empty-handed.

Time in-between meals:

When planning a birthday party during a meal time, expect to pay more for food and dessert even if you are cooking and baking yourself. To save money, have the party mid-morning or mid-afternoon so that simple snacks will be more than enough.

Keep an eye out:

Sales on party supplies are happening all year round at a variety of online and in-store shops. Prepare for the special day by taking advantage of discounts and markdowns after holidays.

Good luck and remember, the most important thing is that you and your kid will enjoy the event and the preparations!

-This article was written by our friends at Partify. Check out their site for more party planning help: