How to Pick your Style-Personality at Kidbox!

At Kidbox we categorize your style into four core “Personalities” to help our stylists pick out the best options for you. We’ve put together comprehensive shopping guide to help find your child’s style personality.

Kidbox Personality Style Guide


Sporty Athletic: For the child who is adventurous, active, and likes comfortable clothes for play, school, or working out.

What you can expect

  • A mixture of silhouettes you can wear to school or to basketball practice. Think Athleisure + Athletic wear.
  • Brand name clothing that can be worn while working out or going to school. Including pieces from our favorite brands: Puma, Reebok, New Balance, STX, and a mix of our casual brands like Splendid and Appaman.
  • Styles to expect: Brand Logos, Leggings, Joggers, Performance Wear, Jeans, Basics, and Hoodies.

City Cool: For the fashion-forward/trend-obsessed child who loves to express themselves through their clothes. Think Zara or H&M!

What you can expect:

  • Stylish and comfortable pieces that are trendy and unique. 
  • Clothes from brands such as Tractr, Brooklyn Cloth, and Tony Hawk. 
  • “Wow” pieces that or bold and promote individuality.
  • Styles to expect: Big Graphics, Bold Prints and Colors, Dark or Distressed Denim, and Cool basics to keep them comfortable!

Classic Preppy: For the child who typically wears Crew Cuts or Ralph Lauren styles. This child is playful, but wants a clean look. 

What you can expect:

  • Classic pieces for a modern child. 
  • Comfortable trendy pieces from brands such as Art and Eden, Andy and Evan, and Eland!
  • Styles to expect: Feminine prints and silhouettes (florals, pinks, ruffles, and tutus). For boys, collars, button downs, and chinos. Dresses, stripes, and khakis are also a must for every preppy kid!

Modern Casual: For the child who is on the move, but still wants the latest trends.

What you can expect:

  • Basics that are elevated, and trendy pieces that are comfortable. Perfect for layering and mix & matching.
  • Brands we love for modern casual are Cherokee, Splendid, and French Toast!
  • Styles to Expect: Name Brand Denim, Layering Options, Basics that have trendy prints or detailing.


Kidbox is the easiest way to shop for your children. Our stylists handpick 6-7 items for your child, ensuring the box is curated to your child’s wants and needs!

Our stylists choose from over 200 premium brands to create a box that will give your child’s wardrobe a “wow” factor. Get started by taking the style quiz to let us know your child’s style. We understand every kid is different, so you have specific notes for your stylist let us know!  We want your box to fit your child perfectly.

Don’t forget, with every Kidbox purchased we donate clothes to a child in need. Plus, free shipping and easy returns for every KIDBOX order. Questions? Shoot us a message at

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