How to Get Your Little Ones Beach Ready

Summer is best spent by the water. Planning a day at the beach with your little ones can be stressful, there is so much to remember to pack and so many activities to plan. We came up with five key things to remember when you’re at the beach, to make sure you get to enjoy your time there too.

Keep Baby Cool!

If the kids are staying cool, you can keep your cool. Make sure to pack plenty of water, and cold drinks to stay cool and hydrated. Put a few towels in a cooler for kids to use when they’re done running around in the heat. Make sure to pack cover-ups and sun hats for the whole fam to keep the sun and heat away. My kids love it when I pack a spray bottle full of water in the cooler, and when they’re tired from running around they stop by for a “spray” to cool off before they run off again.

Strut Your Suit

The beach is the perfect place to show off your new (KIDBOX) swimsuit. Not only are swimsuits the perfect way to show your style, but most help block UV rays. Make sure to pack a dry change of clothes for everyone once it’s time to head home. Pick out your favorite suit and hit the waves!

Stay Hydrated

It’s hard to remember to stay on top of you and your child’s hydration in the summer. When you’re spending all day in the hot sun it’s ultra important to stay hydrated. Grab a few of your biggest water bottles and fill them up before you hit the road. If it’s going to be a long day at the beach try to see if there is a way to refill your water bottle at the beach, if not, maybe stop somewhere and stock up on bottled water. Try to buy water that’s bottled in glass to save on single-use plastics!  

Snack Up

Stock up on snacks to load up in the cooler. Pack cool snacks, like fruit/veggie pouches, yogurt, or popsicles. If it’s an all-day adventure make sure you bring some sandwiches or more substantial snacks. Beach food can be pricey, make the whole trip easy on yourself and your wallet by packing plenty of snacks.


The worst part of any beach day is realizing you didn’t wear enough sunscreen. Good sunscreen practice starts young. A sunscreen with SPF 50 is best for babies and kids. They come in all kinds of specialties for kids with sensitive skin. There are even cooling sunscreens that keep their skin cool while they play in the sun. Remember even if it’s cloudy everyone should still be stocking up on sunscreen!