Hostess Gifts that Moms Love

Ask a mom of young kids what you should bring on your upcoming visit, and she’ll likely spout back a cheery, “Nothing! I’m good! Just bring yourselves!” And it’s probably true. She probably is good – so good, in fact, that she’s done nothing but think about what everyone else needs.

So if you’re looking for something to gift that hostess that just won’t ask for anything, here are a couple of things we’re pretty sure she’ll love. Even if she’d never want to put you out by asking you for them.

  1. Flowers  It seems cliche, but I’m telling you, being surprised by beautiful flowers just doesn’t get old. In fact, once you are a mom you find yourself constantly sacrificing beauty for practicality, and ultimately find it hard to justify buying things that don’t serve a “purpose.” Having someone do it for you feels like a mighty grand gesture. (And here’s a note: if you can show up with them in a vase, five stars for you. Otherwise, you’ve inadvertently given her a chore to do by having to leave the party to go dig one out of the cupboard.) Bouqs is a great option for flower delivery IN VASES.
  2. A Really Fabulous Soap or Body Wash
    A shower or bath alone is at the top of most of my mom friend’s lists for pure bliss. So if you can add to that an incredible smelling product that she’d never buy for herself, it’s affording her a moment of luxury that is particularly appreciated after having a houseful of people.
  3. A Wine Preserver Bottle
    In the best case scenario, you could have this prefilled with her favorite varietal. It’s great for those whose evening schedules are a bit unpredictable, and a bottle of wine may be dispersed over a week (or two.) This will keep the bottle as fresh as the day it was opened any time she pours a glass.
  4. A Beautifully Scented Diffuser
    I hesitate suggesting a candle, because as much as I love them, I’ve a ctually looked at a burning candle on my countertop and thought, “Great, there’s another thing I need to remember to do before I leave the house.” WIth a diffuser (as long as it’s up high), there’s absolutely nothing to think about. It can just go to work providing a pleasurable smell that can balance out the many not-so-pleasant odors that exist in homes with little children.
  5. Housecleaning Voucher
    You probably want to know the mom pretty well to ensure that this doesn’t go over as an insult, but I don’t know a mom that wouldn’t love a professional service to come do the grunt work after the party ends. You can include a sweet little note saying something like, “Thanks for such an amazing gathering. Now it’s your turn to sit back and relax!”

6. Coffee

I mean, you can’t go wrong here. Everyone wants (needs) it, and you can splurge for an extra fancy roast that can feel extra indulgent. Even if the hostess isn’t a coffee fiend herself, if she’s entertaining people, it’s always nice to have extra bags on hand.

7. Gift Card for Takeout
After the party is over, the guests may have left, but mama’s still got mouths to feed. Personally, the pressure of having to come up with an idea of “what to make for dinner” is sometimes more than I can handle after a big party or weekend gathering. With a gift card to the local Chinese or pizza place, you can give your dear hostess the gift of not having to orchestrate another thing!