Hi Everyone! My name is GRACE RICHARDSON

I am a high school freshman living in Minneapolis, MN, and I am so excited to be working with KIDBOX!

Over the past few years, I have been organizing a school supply drive at my school and providing the supplies to the Kids in Need Foundation (“KINF”), an organization dedicated to providing students with the supplies they need. KINF has given away more than one BILLION dollars in school supplies in its 23 year history!


Due to my work with KINF, I caught the attention of Yoobi, a school supply company with a mission I love: for each Yoobi school supply that is purchased, they give one school supply to a child in need through their fabulous Gives at schools all across the country. I was honored to be named Yoobi’sfirst Changemaker as part of their #WhoWillYoobi movement.

I am very grateful that Yoobi nominated me to be on the KIDBOX Board of Directors, as this is helping me broaden my reach to help provide not only school supplies, but also clothing, to kids in need. I understand that if a child has access to fun school supplies

and cute clothes, their confidence grows, something that is vital to a growing child.

I am so excited to be working with both KIDBOX and the Kids in Need Foundation on my new project! Because I am from Minnesota, one of the most important things for a child going to school is warm clothing during the winter. However, many families cannot afford to buy warm clothing, something that is essential. Using the Kids in Need Foundation’s network of educators through their Twin Cities Resource Center, I will be setting up a clothing section full of KIDBOX clothes for teachers to choose from to deliver to their classrooms! Teachers will have access to clothing for their students free of charge, so that every child will be comfortable in the classroom! I am ecstatic to be working with KIDBOX and the Kids in Need Foundation to provide clothing for so many underprivileged children in Minneapolis and St. Paul!

For more on #WhoWillYoobi, visit: https://yoobi.com/blogs/news/yoobi-changemaker-grace-richardson)