Get to Know a KIDBOX Mom!

How did you find out about KIDBOX?
I saw it on Facebook and decided to give it a try. I really liked that I could order and try on at home before being charged, and I didn’t have to drag my boys on a shopping spree that would turn into tantrums. LOL.

What are your favorite KIDBOX brands?

My favorites are definitely Art and Eden, Losan, and Original Penguin. I’m obsessed

Tell us about your son’s style and what personality he selected.
My son’s style definitely differs on the day and occasion. When we first started out we tried every single style you offer and we loved them all so it made it hard to choose. But we have stuck with the City Cool style lately because we love the clothes we get and they really fit his overall style.

What is your favorite MOMent?
I’ve seen his personality grow so much since the first KIDBOX we received. We have been opening them on Facebook Live since Day 1 and he has become quite the character. His last Live unboxing he completely took over, talking to the camera. He asked if he could tell something silly and made a funny joke and I just couldn’t stop laughing. In the beginning, he didn’t talk at all and now he talks to everyone like they are family and is constantly making me proud.

What is your favorite activity together?
We love to do outdoor activities together. Hiking, the park, you name it. He is my sidekick and partner in crime. I couldn’t imagine it any other way.





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