From The Kid’s Board: Being Kind

We asked our Kid’s Board of Directors their tips for on how to be a good kid citizen – here’s what they had to say.

Q: If you were principal of your school – what would you do to make sure everybody felt included and welcome?

Brooklyn: I would make sure that nobody felt left out! So if there was a new student and they wore glasses and nobody else did, I would have a party where everybody wore fake glasses! I would also give everybody ice cream!

Aden: I would make counselors available to kids who feel bullied or excluded.

Ella: When they come through the front door, I would tell them to have a great day every day.

Jojo: I would make sure that one person doesn’t hang out with the same people every day so everybody makes new friends and everybody is friends.

Naomi: I would make sure that students have more people you can go to – we need to have more resources in school!

Jayden: If I saw somebody being left out, I would invite them to the principal’s office and make them principal for a day!

Grace: Lack of inclusion comes from students themselves! We should have a buddy system to adopt anybody who feels like their on the outside into a group and make friends.

Carter: I would make a buddy bench so if you don’t have anybody to play with, somebody will come play with you.

Sidney: Have an assembly to get everybody to know each other try and get people more comfortable with each other because my last school had bad energy and no outside of the box thinking. If you are a good person, you will be rewarded for goodness.

Q: How would you tell your friends or classmate to be a good kid citizen to your fellow kids?

Grace: I would tell them to understand that you’re not more important than others.

Daniella: I think everybody should follow their heart.

Brooklyn: I would tell them not to boss others around – they’re not minions! And don’t think
you’re better than stopping and helping somebody!

Jojo: I would tell them to be true to themselves and not be a hypocrite!

Sylvie: Help others out without being bossy – give advice, not directions!

Aden: Always take responsibility for your actions!

Naomi: Make sure you stand together, not in front of anybody else!

Jojo: If your friends are being bad – tell them!

Sidney: Don’t worry about what other people think of you bc everybody’s opinion is different – so you don’t have to worry about who doesn’t like you. As long as you’re doing what you believe in, you’re good.