Five Ways to Avoid the Summer Slide

I get it.  It’s summertime, and the last thing your kid wants to do is think about school work. My 6 and 4-year-old boys feel the same way! Summer is a time to have fun, play and relax, but it’s also a time when the “summer slide” sets in. Summer slide is a term used by teachers and parents that refers to the slide backward children make academically over the summer when they’re not in school.  Even just a few weeks out of school, kids can lose some of the skills they learned in the previous year. Summer slide can happen to even the brightest kids. I have good news, you can help stop the summer slide, and even give your kid an advantage to start a new school year off successfully! Here are five simple activities you can do to keep your kid sharp: 

Read with your child. Yes, reading every day is great, but I know how hard that can be when your kids are out late playing with friends. If you miss a day, don’t beat yourself up, just start a new reading habit the next day. This could include you reading to your kids and asking them comprehension questions about the story. 

Make reading fun. Let your kids pick what they want to read:  comic books, graphic novels, even magazines in areas that interest them like sports, movies, or games (my kids are obsessed with Pokemon right now).

Go to the library.  Libraries are filled with books, magazines, and movies (remember how fun going to Blockbuster was when we were kids?!).  We have a rule when we go to the library — for every 3 books you read, you can check out 1 movie. Now my kids love going to the library!

Cook with your child. Your child can help out by reading the directions to you. It’s not always easy to cook with your kids, but they’ll feel empowered when you let them be a part of making dinner!

Write a letter to grandparents. Remember how fun getting a letter in the mail was when you were a kid? Imagine how Grandma will feel when she gets a letter from her grandson! Let your kids pick out a postcard, they’ll be excited to put a stamp on it in and put in the mailbox!

It’s easy to forget about school during the long summer days, but the new school year is coming soon. Use these last few weeks of summer to spark your kids’ interest in reading again.  Even a few minutes reading together makes a big difference.

You’ll feel good about yourself, and your kids will be ready for the new school year!

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