Hey guys! Happy to be partnering with Kidbox today and unpacking a super fun “Goldie box”. This is a cool service that lets you try out clothes and only buy what you want to keep. The best part about it is that for every box you keep, they give clothes to kids in need. This is such a great opportunity to teach kids about giving back. It’s not the easiest thing to teach a toddler but as she grows more and more, she “gets” it more and more.  It’s so important to me to have empathetic kids so I like to open the topic for conversation as much as possible. It’s such a strange time in our country so I feel the need to cling onto the good and show the kids that there are so many people doing selfless things and that most people have good hearts

Don’t you just love the confidence of a 4 year old? There is nothing in that mirror she doesn’t like and it shines right through that smile. We could all learn something from kids about self love and acceptance. We could also learn that fake glasses make you look even more cool than you normally look. HAHA.

Anyway, the clothes in the box were totally up her alley and the jeans are just ridiculous. Haha, I love them so much. You get 5 boxes a year and can skip whenever. Use the code TREEHOUSE20 for 20% off your first box! 🙂