Home from New York and debriefing about some trends with my favorite 4 year old fashionista as she tries on looks from her latest KIDBOX Haha. I can’t wait to actually share fashion with her someday, but for now she’s really serving up the poses. Skinny jeans aren’t going anywhere and Goldie is glad because she looks pretty cool in them. Statement sleeves are also sticking around, which I’m glad about because I pretty much love statement anything. Sue me!

I’m so excited to have fashion as a shared interest with Goldie as she grows up. I know her style will change and we definitely won’t agree on most things (it’s already happening) but she  has so much passion about what she wears. I love it so very much.

I want to mention again that KIDBOX is giving back by donating clothing to someone who needs it with every box you purchase. Also, In light of recent hurricanes in the U.S., KIDBOX have added in a ‘Hurricane Relief’ option into their quiz and are currently donating over $460K worth of new clothes to help aid those affected in both Texas and Florida. Good stuff!

You can read more about the service in my last Kidbox post. 🙂