Fall Horoscopes

This fall in the zodiac is teeming with opportunities for your kids! Here’s a peek at what’s to come and Astro-informed styling tips to support this seasonal shift. 

Aries – March 20 – April 19 

Your little rams are a force to be reckoned with this fall. I know this summer was longer than expected, but your Aries kiddo was totally resilient! Whether it’s evident or not yet, the planetary voltage of the bright summer moons created a new, limitless space for positive risk-taking that will manifest in late-September. Whether it’s in the classroom or on the field, don’t be surprised to see these kids leap at the chance to try something out of the ordinary. 

Taurus – April 20th – May 21

Has it felt lately like your little Taurus is channeling their inner American idol? Perhaps there was a newfound love of singing, or for the more introverted Taurus an interest in poetry and subtler forms of communication. Expect an endearing rebellion in early November through unexpected self-expression! It’s time to try jeans or cool chinos instead of the usual leggings or sweatpants. Parents get ready to sit back for some living room performances! 

Gemini May 22 – June 21

This year your little twin made some of their deepest friendships yet. Did your younger Gemini show a curious interest in grownups? Their 2-fold emotional landline between themselves and others is maturing. Mid-September will bring uncharacteristic patience to young Geminis and all-around eye-opening time. Consider shades of forest or darker greens and navy blues into their wardrobe to support detoxification from digital devices, and yes it’s definitely time for a bold puffy vest.

Cancer June 22 – July 22

Cancer-born children feel deeply. Going back to school they’ll crave to stay in the comfort zone of home. That’s just fine! Give them an opportunity to trust that their foundation is strong. Hidden talents will emerge in late November and guide them toward quiet confidence. Encourage them to create with paints as they might not feel very verbally inclined. Consider shades of purple and aubergine into the wardrobe for cognitive support. If they want fake glasses to get em’ fake glasses. They’re just trying to figure out who they are this season!

Leo July 23rd – August 22nd

Leos had a FUN summer! This fall young Leos will exhibit a contagious charisma to their classmates. It’s a good time to give them a little responsibility or even let them choose their first pet to take care of. Consider shades of soft yellow with light blue to lend a little serenity to all of this physical energy. Think buttons vs elastic right now – they are ready to level up.

Virgo Aug 23rd – Sept 22

Your Virgo went Lewis and Clark this summer, looking for their destiny outside of their devices.  All that exploring will lead to planting a flag! This fall your Virgos will have a desperate need to connect with a cause, a group or a community. They are more than ready to collaborate with others in early October. Consider donating clothes they are less than thrilled about. Wardrobe key – reinvention. Ask your Virgo what they would wear if they could wear anything in the world. Tell them to get specific!

Libra Sept 23rd – Oct 22nd 

The scales were tipped and they might have gotten some hard-earned life lessons in the classroom or physical department. The silver lining of these hard lessons was the birth of a lifelong trust in themselves. They are going into a time of sustainable harmony. Wardrobe – metallics! It’s a time for golds, silvers, and coppers. Glistening will remind them that it’s time to SHINE. 

Scorpio – Oct 23rd – Nov 22nd 

Let’s get out of their heads and trust that little Scorpios have a radical inner compass that we don’t necessarily need to understand. I know it’s hard, but give them space because they are looking for some levity and honestly grownups can unintentionally get in their way! Check-in on them frequently, offer love, quality time, and lots of protein – but don’t be surprised if they leave the dining room table early to go paint! Get them tie-dye this fall with reds, blues, yellows, and whites because there is a ton swirling around and we want to let it shine!

Sagittarius Nov 23rd – Dec 21

Your little Sagittarius asked a lot of questions this year, and sure, sometimes it was incessant but how beautiful is it that they are nurturing their own curiosity! It’s a little contagious right? Encourage a costume with a mask! They’ll feel safe to become the answer they seek. Wardrobe styles – it’s all about the costume. Encourage any clothing outside of their comfort zone. It doesn’t have to be theatrical, just new to them.

Capricorn Dec 22 – Jan 20

You might have been surprised by your little goat’s compassion and sympathy for what others are going through this year. September’s Virgo moon encourages selfless acts that will surprise you. It might be as simple as making you toast in the morning; young Capricorns this fall are in a special cosmic heart-phase. Colors this season for Capricorns are soft reds, whites, pinks, and greens. Try a cozy and comfortable athleisure look with a super-soft hoodie to match. 

Aquarius Jan 21 – Feb 19th 

All this attitude and clumsiness was just a funky symptom of how hard they’re trying to impress you. Support your little Aquarius this fall by making dinner together, going to the movies, and after Halloween try a new hobby! As long as your doing it together they’ll feel a decrease in stress. Remind them indirectly through supportive and fun activities that they are not alone. Boost confidence with red and black styles paired together checked striping is a huge bonus. It might even be time for a faux-leather jacket! 

Pisces Feb 20 – March 19th 

Were you surprised by your little fish’s uncharacteristic mischief this summer? Don’t be! And be prepared for much more! If they demand to spend more time with you it’s because they want you to join in on their fun! As the months get colder your Pisces kid might risk a sudden case of the “leave me alone’s”. Don’t think that means they’re sliding backward – they are energetically hibernating, which is typical for this sign. Before fall is over they’ll want to learn an instrument, invent a game, or even develop an app idea! Try to give their sweatpants a break and encourage their young wit with denim, corduroy and fitted silhouettes.