Meet our New Denim Brands

Founded in 2002,  Vigoss is dedicated to producing American Made, high quality denim for women, men, and girls. Their girls denim, which you can now receive in your Summer box, is known for unique designs including fun detailing and colorful embroidery.  In the last two years Vigoss has implemented Ozone Technology in their clothing production, a process which helps them reduce their water consumption, pollution, and use of harmful chemical. Their cutting edge, eco-friendly technology provides a cleaner finish to their jeans in a much quicker and cleaner way. This environmentally conscious brand can be spotted in department stores like Macy’s and Nordstrom and has now found a new home with KIDBOX.

Joe’s Jeans are designed to redefine everyday style with its LA sensibility and rock and roll point of view. Founded in 2001, this denim company emphasizes the importance of both comfort and fit. They offer unique interpretation on classic, premium denim. Joe’s Jean’s acquired Hudson Jean’s, another like-minded LA based denim company. As a global fashion brand, Hudson produces innovative styles for adults and children within its product line, introducing new styles, washes, cuts, fabrics and colors.  Hudson jeans are available at department stores and boutiques around the country, as well as in 30 countries around the world.