Brands We Love: Snap’t

Here at KIDBOX we’re all about kid’s being who they are and helping them express that through style. That’s why we love Snap’t and their line of accessories. Founders – and sisters! – Tara Katz and Erica Harrison tell us more about their brand:

Our parents taught us from an early age that if something didn’t suit us, we should fix it or create it ourselves. When we wanted a Barbie with short hair, we gave ours a pixie cut. When we had to have the sweatshirt like the one in “Flashdance,” we took our scissors and made our own. When we became moms and we had a hard time finding great-looking, fun products that helped our girls express themselves, we knew we only had one choice: create a product that let girls everywhere express their inner awesomeness! Snap’t is the creation of two sisters who want to encourage girls to express themselves. Our accessories give girls the freedom to change their style whenever they please, and have fun while doing it!  Feeling a bit edgy on a Monday morning? Rock a skull-and-crossbones necklace. Mellowed out by the afternoon? Snap on a peace sign and you’re good to go. We wanna know, what makes you Snap’t?

At Snap’t, we believe that feeling good stems from having the confidence to express your authentic self.  We know that when girls feel confident to project who they are, how they feel, and what they want, they are building the foundation for healthy self-esteem.  Fashion is a powerful tool to show the world who you are and what you’re about at a glance.  Through our interchangeable pieces, girls can show off their different sides, be it sassy, friendly, flirty, sporty, spicy, foodie, earthy and/or peace-loving.

We are super passionate about providing a tool for girls to connect with each other while learning to respect each other’s personal choices. Snap’t is committed to causes that support girls in lifting each other up.  We take a stand against bullying of any kind.  We believe that kind is the new cool and are honored to partner with B002BULLYING, an amazing organization whose mission is to “create an initiative between schools, parents and communities to help eliminate bullying.” B002BULLYING will be the beneficiary of a percentage of our Charity Snap’t Charm proceeds.