Brands We Love: Butter Super Soft

This fun and playful brand was founded by the owners of the Long Island chain of Boutiques,  Max & Gino’s. They integrated the Butter Super Soft line into their stores and credit the imaginative and colorful clothing for cementing their place on the fashion map.

All Butter Super Soft apparel is designed to have a vintage washed feel, which is why it is so buttery soft, perfect for casual wear and lounging around the house. The bright and colorful clothing are meant to celebrate the energetic joy and light hearted spirit of being a kid. It’s all about silliness and imagination when it comes to Butter Super Soft which is why their items are decked out in rhinestones emojis and other colorful graphics. You can’t help but smile as you pull on your cozy Butter Super Soft hoodie. This brand is all about happy which is why we love it it! Unpack Butter Super Soft from your KIDBOX and #unpackhappy!