We’ve partnered with BOMBAS!

At KIDBOX, we believe that we — along with your help — can make a difference in the lives of children everywhere. This is why we are so excited to announce our partnership with Bombas.

Bombas launched in 2013 after the founders, Randy Goldberg and David Heath, saw a Facebook post that stated socks are the most needed item in homeless shelters. This inspired them to create a sock company with a one-for- one business model, where they would donate one pair of socks for each one purchased. Since then, Bombas has taken off, reaching their ten year goal to donate a million pairs of socks in only two and they show no signs of slowing down.The company has now donated over 8 million pairs to people in need.

With the launch of Kidsentials, our underwear and sock pack, we formed a partnership with this like minded company in an effort of continue our goal of clothing 1 million children in need.

When you purchase a Kidsentials Pack, both Bombas and KIDBOX will donate a pair of socks or underwear to a child in need. One Kidsentials pack = two items for children in shelters. It’s our way of helping out those who need it most while also helping to make your busy life with kids, a little bit easier.