50 Things to Do When You’re Bored

Print  out this list to keep handy for the next time you find yourself in a day of the doldrums.


  1. Water all the plants in your house.
  2. Look through your baby pictures.
  3. Try on outfits and do a photoshoot.
  4. Make awesome paper stars to hang in your bedroom (tutorials online).
  5. Enter an art contest (lots available online – you can get your parents help to choose the best one for you.)
  6. Ask your parents if there are any jobs they need done to earn money.
  7. Write a letter or card to your grandparents.
  8. Take a bath with tons of bubbles.
  9. Put together a plan for your ideal birthday party.
  10. Fill the entire driveway with chalk drawings.
  11. Find an super yummy-looking cookie recipe and make a plan to buy ingredients and bake them.
  12. Practice tying a tie. It’s a cool skill to have.
  13. Check out Google Maps and try to find your own and your friend’s houses.
  14. Ask your parents if you can plan the next week of dinners.
  15. Sew a stuffed toy out of felt, needle, and thread.
  16. Learn how to hula hoop.
  17. Set a timer to see how long you can jump rope. Then try to beat your record.
  18. Fill out Mad Libs online.
  19. Make a smoothie.
  20. Make a “nest” out of blankets and pillows and cozy in with a book or favorite music on.
  21. Paint your nails.
  22. Turn on your favorite radio station and play “guess that song” when each song starts.
  23. Do “then” and “now” pictures doing the same things you were doing in the pictures of you as a little kid.
  24. Make an obstacle course and time yourself on it.
  25. Do an online dance tutorial and memorize the whole thing.
  26. Learn a card trick to do on your family.
  27. See how many times you can bounce a balloon in the air without letting it fall.
  28. Make slime, oobleck, or playdough.
  29. Cut out images you like from a magazine and make a collage.
  30. Learn how to translate a funny saying in another language.
  31. Make a fort.
  32. Use a cardboard box to make a tiny house, complete with windows, doors, roofing, etc.
  33. Learn how to fold origami butterflies.
  34. Do a craft using an old t-shirt (there are tons of ideas in books at the library or online.)
  35. Press some flower petals. After being pressed for a week or so, make a craft with them.
  36. Slice an apple in half (along the middle between the top and bottom) and use it to make prints on paper with paint.
  37. Take a dog for a walk.
  38. Do an exercise video.
  39. Make little pom poms using a fork and yarn.
  40. Have a car wash.
  41. Make tissue paper flowers.
  42. Make toilet paper flowers (There are some beautiful ones you can make! Check online or in a book at the library.)
  43. Practice writing in calligraphy.
  44. Research a place you’d want to go on vacation if you could go anywhere.
  45. Make a scavenger hunt for your family to follow.
  46. Have a neighborhood lemonade stand.
  47. Make a “My Favorites” list (favorite food, favorite tv show, favorite color, etc…)
  48. Make a “My Favorites” list of questions and interview your family members.
  49. Fingerpaint.
  50. Practice ways to sign your name.