5 Tips to Keeping Fashion in Mind When Bundling Your Kids

With the winter months upon us and temperatures dropping drastically, of course as moms, we are worried about keeping our kids warm enough. Sometimes, dressing our kids for winter can be like that scene from A Christmas Story where Ralphie’s mother dresses his little brother, bundling him so tightly that he can’t even put his arms down. It doesn’t have to be like that. These days, we have a lot of options to keep our kids warm while still ensuring that if they fall in the snow, they will be able to get up without their clothing hindering them. Here are five tips for bundling your kids up but keeping them trendy.

  1.    Colors and Prints

Knowing what colors and prints are trending for kids’ fashion can be one sure-fire way to make sure your kids are fashionable this winter. According to Weconnectfashion.com, colors for kids’ fashion range from pastel pinks with eggplant accents, to grays and browns with an animal print accent. Keep those in mind for hats, scarves, and sweaters.

  1.    Stylish Layers

One thing that moms have known for decades is that layering for cold weather does wonders for keeping kids warm. There is a science and method to it for maximum warming results – just piling on layers without putting much thought to it won’t always work. Also, if your kids are active during the winter months, those layers can come in handy to be peeled off if their activities warm them up too much. Keep in mind that you can choose to layer with patterns and prints that are exciting and trendy to keep your kids looking cool. You can also add an element of fun and cuteness by choosing hats and scarves that feature your child’s favorite movie character, animal, or superhero.

  1.    Cardigans vs. Coats

As with the stylish layers, keep in mind that you don’t always have to go with a big Michelin Man puffy parka – you can opt for several layers instead. For instance, a flannel shirt, hoodie, and cardigan combination can be just as warm but much easier to move around in. Of course, there are those weather situations where a huge parka is needed; use your best judgement, and keep in mind that with the right accessories, even a parka can be very fashionable.

  1.    Accessorize

Sometimes, with all that a mom has to think about when trying to keep her kids warm, one of the best options for adding style to your kid’s winter wardrobe is accessorizing. Hats, scarves, gloves, and boots that have bold patterns or bright colors can mean the difference between our kids being fashionable or not. A lot of fun winter accessories are around, and the options are limitless and may even be overwhelming. For fun ideas on how to layer and accessorize, it’s always a good idea to check online to see what is trending as far as kids’ fashion for winter is concerned.


  1.    Keeping the Kids in the Loop

When planning out fun winter outfits,  it is always a good idea to ask your kids what they like. Letting your children add their own splash of personality to their winter wear can give them confidence and help them feel more comfortable when out and about this winter. Regardless of what layers, accessories, and styles you like, you’re sure to find something both you and your kids will love in your Winter KIDBOX. Try out KIDBOX and see what the buzz is all about.