5 Tips for Building Your Child’s Summer Wardrobe

1. Swim Suits

Replacing swim suits each year is a necessity since kids grow so quickly and it’s a fun way to get excited about school being out soon!

2. Basics with light and breathable fabrics

A few Basic Tees and Tanks will go a long way during the summer months, especially if they are cool (for temps and trends 😉 )

3. Denim Shorts

Especially in a bright color or with a fun embellishment!

4. A few Dressy pieces like Dresses, Short Sleeve Button Downs and Polos, and Khaki Shorts

For those last minute nice dinners or family weddings!

5. Summer Accessories!

Goggles, Beach Towels, Cover Ups, Flip Flops, and Sunscreen! This will certainly cover your bases from Camp to a Beach Day to Running Through the Sprinkler!