Meet our 2018 Kid’s Board of Directors

From budding entrepreneurs to community activists, keep an eye out for these young leaders. These kids are already changing the world and we’re excited to give them a national platform to make an even bigger impact.


Jayden Perez

After Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico, Jayden, who has relatives living on the island, felt a sense of responsibility to help those affected. The 9-year-old organized a successful toy drive and even personally handed out more than 1,000 toys to children in Puerto Rico. Jayden continues to give back, recently using his birthday money to purchase dog, cat and rooster food for animals also impacted by the hurricane.


Sylvie Sherman

Sylvie is a melanoma philanthropist and aspiring fashion designer. After seeing a need for more protective swimwear for kids, 12-year-old Sylvie designed a see-through swim shirt. Combining function with fashion, her swim shirt protects skin from the sun but still allows for the stylish swimsuit to be seen. Sylvia also loves dance, drama and soccer.


Daniella Marie Benitez

After volunteering with Build-a-Miracle to build a home for a family in Mexico, Daniella was inspired to do even more. She began collecting donations to build another house, and, after reaching her goal, spent three days constructing, painting and cementing the new home. Daniella, 13, hopes to continue her philanthropic efforts by completing an annual project in the years to come.


Naomi E. Wadler

You may know Naomi from her historic speech in front of hundreds of thousands at the March for Our Lives rally in Washington, D.C., where the 11-year-old eloquently and bravely reminded the nation to not ignore black women when discussing violence. Naomi’s advocacy aims to give a voice to the large number of black women and girls who are disproportionately represented as victims of gun violence.


Ella R. Tryon

While in the hospital for medical concerns, 8-year-old Ella wanted to color a rainbow. To her disappointment, the hospital didn’t have enough crayons for all the children, and the ones that were available were worn down. Ella’s wish is that every child in the hospital could have their own box of crayons. Since coming home from the hospital, Ella has started to fulfill this wish, delivering over 13,000 donated boxes of crayons with plans to donate
 even more.


Addisyn Maree Goss

Addisyn firmly believes that everyone deserves love and snuggles, no matter what situation someone is in. That’s why the 11-year-old created Snuggle Sacks. These survival kits for homeless men and women include socks, toiletries, snacks and other necessities. Addisyn collects donations for these items and even hand-delivers Snuggle Sacks to local soup kitchens and other organizations.

Grace Anne Richardson

Having a desire to help others from an early age, 14-year-old Grace has partnered with the Kids in Need Foundation for the past several years. Grace collects thousands of new and gently used school supplies from her fellow students, and personally sorts and cleans each item. Since 2014, she has donated 20 to 40 full bags of school supplies to children in need.


Aden Joseph Garf

Aden is an ambitious 12-year-old who is always thinking, learning and creating. He loves academics, playing classical piano, spontaneously narrating life with a ukulele in hand, and coming up with big ideas that make positive impacts. When he does relax, Aden likes spending time with family and friends, having fun on Cape Cod, skiing and running 5Ks.


Carter Buchholz

After organizing a global warming awareness fundraiser at his school, 10-year-old Carter raised $630 for Greenpeace. Carter loves being outdoors, playing sports, participating in academic challenges and spending time with his twin brothers. Carter aspires to be a professional soccer player one day and plans to continue his efforts to stop global warming.


Josiah David Smothers

Jojo is a 9-year-old actor, dancer and singer who is passionate about raising awareness for pediatric cancer research. While participating in the idance4acure campaign, he helped start the ising4acure campaign. Jojo is also on the competition team at Studio Bleu as well as Chloe and Maud Arnold’s Youth Tap Company, “Sole Talk.”


Sidney Keys III

Deciding to take his love of reading to the next level, 12-year-old Sidney created the Books n Bros Reading Club. Through this club, Sidney facilitates meet ups with 7-13-year-old boys to encourage literacy while bringing awareness to positive African American literature. Sidney also loves photography, gaming, sports and travel, and plans to continue his entrepreneurial endeavors when he grows up.


Bella Temple

With a heart for making sure no one feels left out, 13-year-old Bella mentors younger kids in her school by reading to them and helping them with their work. She recently raised money for new beds for a local shelter, and participates in gifting programs for children in need during the holidays. A gymnast, cheerleader and creator, Bella feels passionately that everyone should be treated equal and kindness should alway prevail.