10 Ideas for the Best Slumber Party Ever!

Everyone remembers the excitement of their first sleepover! The games, the activities, staying up way past your bedtime, and of course pancakes and waffles for breakfast. The slumber party is an iconic part of every childhood. Here are 10 tips from KIDBOX to help you and your little one throw the best sleepover ever!

  1. Take sleeping accommodations to the next level with these DIY tents that are perfect for an indoor campout.
  2. Set up a makeshift photo booth!

Document the slumber party with an easy homemade photo booth! Hang a sheet or streamers as a backdrop and gather lots of fun and silly props to pose with. Mom or dad can play photographer!

  1. Turn your sleepover into a spa retreat with these homemade face masks.
  2. Personalize pillow cases!

Set up  a station with white pillowcases and some fabric markers. Let the creativity loose and everyone will leave with a personally decorated pillowcase that will also serve as a fun souvenir from the night.

  1. Play fun games such as “Musical Manicures.” Find instructions here:
  2. Make fun friendship bracelets to swap and share.  Here’s how. 
  3. Every sleepover needs a sweet treat! Here is a fun and tasty recipe for “Unicorn Poop” cookies.
  4. Hair Chalking is an easy activity for fun (and temporary) hair colors! Hair Chalk Tutorial 
  5. Host a Fashion show!

Have everyone bring bring one or two of their favorite outfits (hopefully some from your KIDBOX!) and have them walk the runway, snapping photos as they strike a pose.

  1. Take breakfast up a notch!

Regular pancakes are overdone! Mix things up by making these delicious, utensil free chocolate chip pancake poppers.